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You Shouldn't Have to Say Goobye
From the moment thirteen-year-old Sarah hugs her mom on that dreary afternoon, it's clear that something is terribly wrong.
Emma Dilemma and the Two Nannies
Emma tumbles into a new dilemma with another of her wild plans. “Outlandish but heartfelt plans... Subplot strongly developed as well.“
--School Library Journal
Emma Dilemma and the New Nanny
Emma doesn’t really mean to get into trouble. But she manages to do so very well indeed. “Solutions that leave everyone pleased.”
--School Library Journal

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Emma Dilemma and the New Nanny

Emma loves her new nanny, Annie. Annie isn't at all like the dour nannies that have been in this lively household before. Annie loves pets, loves soccer,loves kids, and best of all, can keep secrets. And Emma suddenly finds that she has lots of secrets to keep, things that will be a disaster if Mom finds out -- because that would be the end of her hopes for the travelling soccer team. Like there's the time Emma takes her pet ferret, Marmaduke to school, against all rules and Marmaduke bites another kid. Or the time Emma accidentally burns up Annie's passport in the oven. Or all the other misadventures where Emma totally lives up to her name: Emma Dilemma

"Place one large family with five children, one pet dog and one lovable ferret under the direction of a liberal thinking new nanny, and the stakes are high for both minor disasters and uproarious mishaps leaving busy working parents on edge. Emma, one of the elder siblings, is desperate to maintain control and responsibility in order to prove she is capable of participating on a traveling soccer team. At the same time, she feels she must protect Annie, the Nanny, from losing her new job and following a long list of former nannies out the door. The ever prolific Hermes combines a dash of humor, a pinch of anxiety and a whole lot of warmth and affection with real-life conflict to bring a busy hectic family together in a satisfying conclusion. Short, easy chapters in an amusing and suspenseful text provide intrigue and lots of amusement. Emma is a delightfully genuine young heroine with whom young middle-grade readers will identify and look to for future episodes."

Emma is reminiscent of many lively heroines in children's literature, Ramona and Junie B. Jones among them.
School Library Journal

Emma is a delightfully genuine young heroine with whom young middle-grade heroines will identify
Kirkus reviews.

The tumult of a family with five... children, several pets and two working parents provides a lively setting.

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